Setting up Account Recovery Options

Account Recovery options are used either by yourself or by IT when you have been locked out of your account or forgot your password. It consists of three aspects: security questions, recovery email and recovery phone number. IT recommends having all three filled out so that you have multiple ways of recovering your account or resetting your password. These options can be accessed by logging into 

If you need to reset your password, please visit Resetting your Password.

First Time Setup

Navigate to and sign in using your NCU credentials.

When you first attempt to log in to and you have not set up your account recovery options, you will immediately be prompted to do so. This will require you to confirm your log in by entering your password again.

Once that is done, you will be directed to the set up options. The three options you can use to recover your account are detailed further below. You are required to enter at least security questions as well as the email address, as the reset process will ask you 2 of the 4 questions, then send you an email to recover your account. 

Security Questions

The first step in setting up your Account Recovery options will be to set up four Security Questions. You will be asked these questions if you forget your password or get locked out of your account, so please enter legitimate information. 

The answers to your questions will appear as bubbles for security reasons, so please take your time when entering the answers to ensure you do not accidentally misspell something. 

Email Recovery

This is where you can set up a personal email that will be used when you attempt to recover your account. The system will send you information regarding your account if you locked out, so you must use a personal email. If you use your North Central issued email, you will be unable to recover your account.

Once you have entered an email, you will be sent a code to verify the legitimacy of the email. Please enter the code you receive to finish submitting your email.

Phone Recovery

You may also chose to enter a mobile phone number that can be used to recover the account. Select the carrier of the phone from the drop down menu, then enter the number.

The system will send you a text message with a code to verify the legitimacy of the phone number. Enter the received code to finish submitting. 

Requesting Assistance

If you require assistance with setting up your recoverty options, please submit a service request.



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