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Zoom can be used to host online meetings and interactive sessions with individuals inside and outside of San José State University. The Meetings service within Zoom can be used to enhance academic class activity including lecture capture for later review and interaction with remote students and/or guest lecturers.
To make use of the university's network, your device needs to have its MAC address registered with IT.  Follow the steps on this article to find your device's MAC address.
This can include any devices such as gaming devices, smart tv's, entertainment devices like Playstations, Xbox, etc. These devices, if supported, must be onboarded to the network in a specific way.
This article contains solutions for issues encountered using Mersive Solstice for wireless display.
Learn how to install the NCU VPN client.
Learn how to register your wired device to NetReg.
You can download the latest Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote) using Office 365. All North Central students, faculty, and staff can log into Office 365 using their NCU email and password.
Some devices are designed around being on a household network to operate properly and do not work well (or at all) on a large campus network where thousands of devices are connected at one time.
Academic Continuity refers to the continuation of academic services at North Central University through online modality) in the event of all or parts of instructional site locations being closed and/or unavailable.

In a real emergency which often occurs with little to no notice, knowing what to do and how best to do it will contribute greatly to our community resiliency and academic recovery.
First Time User Setup
Learn about the Quickmail block in Moodle. he Quickmail block can be used to send email messages to individual course members, groups (if already set up in the course), class sections (in multi-section courses), or all participants in the course.
Faculty and staff can access an on-campus-Microsoft-Windows-based desktop computer from home or another off-campus location via Remote Desktop. This windows-based desktop is call NETPC.
Getting connected to NCU Guest Wi-Fi
If you are the organizer of a meeting, you can change the meeting details and send an update to the attendees. You can also send a meeting cancelation so that the attendees can remove the meeting from their calendars.
Why the delay/echo exists when using Zoom/Swivl in the classroom and how to eliminate it.
TeamDynamix, the vendor that hosts this site and the ticket and project system used by technicians, performs regular maintenance at the following times.
Learn how to create, delete, and manage Announcements in Moodle.
Learn how to edit your Moodle profile and preferences. Profiles help to build a sense of community in your class. Your profile will be accessible in any course in which you are enrolled, so you need only customize it once and update it as needed.
Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Android devices
Learn how to update your NCU password that manages your university applications, email, and Moodle accounts.
Learn more about the services that IT offers and supports for remote work.
If you are having issues and cannot access your account or reset your password, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to speak with a staff member.
Duplicate – makes all of the displays (monitors and/or projectors/TVs) show the same thing by duplicating the desktop on each monitor.
To make use of the university's network, your device needs to have its MAC addressed registered with IT. Follow the steps on this article to find your device's MAC address.
IT reviews vendor pricing and offerings on a regular basis. This list will change periodically due to price or product model updates.