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Learn how to use the Swivl and iPad in a classroom.
Some devices are designed around being on a household network to operate properly and do not work well (or at all) on a large campus network where thousands of devices are connected at one time.
Recommended devices and technologies for students for on-campus use.
Learn how to install the NCU VPN client.
To make use of the university's network, your device needs to have its MAC addressed registered with IT. Follow the steps on this article to find your device's MAC address.
Connecting your iOS device to NCU-Wi-Fi
Why the delay/echo exists when using Zoom/Swivl in the classroom and how to eliminate it.
Resetting and changing your password
The VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is used to connect your machine to North Central's network so that you are able to access any systems without the need for being on campus. These systems include Colleague servers, Network Drives, and more. Our VPN is through a company called GlobalProtect. This article will walk you through connecting to the VPN client.
Learn how to convert an appoint to a Meeting in Outlook
When an appointment or meeting is marked private, other people can't see the details of the item. If you share your Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks folders with one or more people who have Read permissions, the Private feature will not prevent them from seeing the details of your appointments.
Learn how to create an appointment in Outlook
Learn how to reschedule a calendar appointment in Outlook.
How to connect your Chromebook to NCU network
If you are having issues and cannot access your account or reset your password, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to speak with a staff member.
A North Central University account will be locked after multiple incorrect login attempts. Account lockouts are most generally caused by additional devices (typically phones and tablets) that have outdated password information for wireless and email accounts.
When you have a concern with a particular student, raise a flag to communicate your observations. This article describes how to raise a flag in Starfish.
Faculty and staff can access an on-campus-Microsoft-Windows-based desktop computer from home or another off-campus location via Remote Desktop. This windows-based desktop is call NETPC.
Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Windows Devices
Getting connected to NCU Guest Wi-Fi
This can include any devices such as gaming devices, smart tv's, entertainment devices like Playstations, Xbox, etc. These devices, if supported, must be onboarded to the network in a specific way.
These instructions are for university-owned devices. To print from a personal device, you will need to follow instructions for Mobile Print. Printing, scanning, and copying can all be done at one of the many Canon copiers around campus.