How To: Select the Device Name of a Computer that isn't Assigned to You


Learn how to select the device name of a computer that isn't assigned to you.



Many forms require you to input the device name of your computer when opening a ticket, and by default TDX only displays the computers that are assigned to you. What if, however, you need to open a ticket on behalf of someone else (e.g. your supervisor)? Fortunately, this is very easy to do using advanced filtering. 

Follow these steps to select a device assigned to another person

  1. With the Open a Ticket form window open, locate the Device name field on the form. Depending on the ticket you are opening, this field may be named something else (e.g. Device name of affected computer or printer).  
  2. If you try entering the device name of a computer that isn't assigned to you, you'll probably see this No matches found message. 
  3. Click on the search button to the right of the device name field. 
  4. When the search box window opens, click on the Show Advanced Filtering link. 
  5. Your name will appear in the User field. Click the to remove your name. 
  6. Once your name is removed from the User field, you can then use any of the other advanced filtering fields to locate the affected device. See the next section for some examples.

Search and Filtering Tips

You can use advanced filters to find devices.  Examples of these filters and their results:

  • Search -  Search for a specific device name
  • Location and Room - Limit the search to devices in a specific location (e.g. computer lab)
  • User - Limit the search to devices assigned to a specific individual



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