How to: Teach with the Swivl

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All learning spaces are equipped with an iPad and a Swivl.  This combination allows instructors to launch a live and interactive Zoom session for hybrid and virtual learning experiences.​​​

Starting the class / Zoom session

  1. Log into classroom desktop computer (recommended) or your laptop.
  2. Launch Zoom on the computer.
  3. Sign into Zoom by clicking Sign in.
  4. Click Sign in with SSO.
  5. Enter Northcentral into the dialog box.
  6. Enter your NCU credentials
  7. Start the meeting.
  8. Select Connect to audio using Computer Audio.

    Working with the iPad
  9. Turn on Swivl (if not turned on)
  10. Ensure iPad is on by pushing the home button to unlock iPad.
  11. Push the home button to get to the home screen.
  12. Launch Swivl app. Do not sign in or anything
  13. Push the home button to get to the home screen. 
  14. Launch the Zoom App.
  15. Pull Marker (the microphone) out of swivel stand and turn it on.
  16. Put Marker in lanyard
  17. Join the meeting on the iPad by clicking Join a Meeting.
  18. Enter Meeting ID.
    1. Enter name if desired.
  19. Select Join.
  20. Enter meeting Passcode.
  21. Select Connect using Internet Audio on the iPad (important!)
  22. Start video on the iPad
  23. Record meeting on computer/laptop if desired.

Ending class / Zoom Session

  1. Select End Meeting for All on Computer/Laptop.
  2. Remove Marker from lanyard.
  3. Wipe down iPad and Marker
  4. GENTLY put microphone back into Swivl for charging.
  5. Turn Swivl off by holding power button for a few seconds.

Training Video

Swivl Training Video


While the Swivl microphone captures audio and sends it through the iPad, sound in the room is primarily controlled via the amp within the classroom lectern. It is important to keep volume at a relatively low level to minimize echo and feedback.


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