Classrooms, Labs, and Conference Rooms

Learning spaces are spaces that are primarily used for instruction. These include classrooms, academic labs (labs that are available to be generally scheduled), and specialized labs (labs that are not available to be generally scheduled).

Conference rooms are spaces that are available to be generally scheduled. While not restricted to employees, these spaces are primarily used by employees as shared meeting space.

Department labs are spaces groups of workstations whose use is restricted to a specific subset of users.

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Mersive Solstice

Mersive's Solstice Pod is a wireless display device that allows for easy and intuitive collaboration.

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Pinned Article Conference Rooms and Other Spaces with Technology

List of conference rooms at NCU.

Pinned Article Generally Scheduled Learning Spaces and Academic Labs

Explore the classrooms and academic labs available at North Central for classes and the presentation technology they contain.

Pinned Article Student Computing Labs and Department Labs

Non-academic and department labs

Pinned Article Technology in Learning Spaces

Learn about the standard set of technology across campus to enhance teaching and learning.

Fixing Echo/Delay in Audio in Classroom when using Swivl/Zoom

Why the delay/echo exists when using Zoom/Swivl in the classroom and how to eliminate it.

How to: Teach with Swivl

Learn how to use the Swivl and iPad in a classroom.

Mirroring Displays for Presentation

Duplicate – makes all of the displays (monitors and/or projectors/TVs) show the same thing by duplicating the desktop on each monitor.

VHS and VCRs

Due to their imminent demise, VCRs are no longer included in new or renovated learning spaces and many of our newer learning spaces already do not have VHS players installed. As VCRs fail in current spaces, replacement may not be possible.