Phil 116 Technology


The technology in Phillips 116 has been upgraded. Everything is controlled via the touch panel on the podium now and there is no longer a need to use the Swivl, as there is a built in Microphone and Camera in the room now. This article will go through the touch panel, as well as various troubleshooting tactics that can be taken to ensure things are working.



All projection settings are now controlled through the touch panel. There is no more need for the Swivl or the iPad in this room. Zoom is operational with the camera in the back of the room and the microphone on the ceiling. When you first enter the room, if everything is off, you will see the following screen. 

To turn on the projector and begin displaying, select which device you will be using from the list on the left. 

  • Select Room PC if you are displaying from the podium
  • Select Laptop if you are using your own laptop
  • Select Mersive if you are wirelessly displaying with your won device.

Once on, the panel will show various options you can select to adjust the projection.


Touch Panel

  1. Source Selection
    • Room PC - Desktop in the Classroom
    • Laptop - HDMI Cord to plug in a laptop
    • Mersive - Wireless Display
  2. Video Blank: When turned on, the display will show black
  3. Video Freeze: When turned on, the display will freeze the current projection.
  4. Screen Controls: This will move the projector screen up or down.
  5. Camera Controls: This will move the camera on the back wall.
  6. Camera Preset: This will adjust the camera to a preset view
    • Wide shot of entire room
    • Podium shot
    • Screen shot
  7. Ceiling Mic: This will mute and unmute the mic in the room
  8. Power Off: This will turn the entire system, projector, and screens off.
  9. Program Volume: This will adjust the volume of the speakers in the room.


The Microphone in the room is a tile on the ceiling. There is a small light that indicates the status of the Microphone. 

If the light is green, the mic is on and operational.

If the light is red, the mic is muted. 



The camera is located in on the back wall of the room and can be adjusted using the Touch Panel. The arrows on the panel match the view of the camera. There are also three presets for ease of use. These can be selected via the touch panel. 

1. Wide Shot

2. Podium Shot

3. Screen Shot

You can also adjust the camera using the arrows and the + and - buttons on the touch panel. The arrows adjust the camera based on the view and not the camera itself. 


Document Camera

In order to use the document camera, launch the Camera app on the computer. 

This will display the document camera on the screen. If you are seeing the room camera instead of the document camera, click the  Change Camera button on the top-right of the application.

Turning System Off

In order to turn the projector off, select the Power Off button on the Touch Panel. It will present you with a warning, asking if you want to turn it off. Once confirmed, the screen will go up and the projector will be turned off. 


The following will provide assistance in figure out why certain aspects of the room may not be functioning as intended. 

Sound not Playing

If the sound is not playing, first, ensure that the Program Volume on the touch panel is not muted and turned up. 

Also ensure that the sound on the computer is set to ExtronScalerD and the volume is turned up all the way.


Mic not Picking Up

If your mic is not picking up sound, check to ensure the ceiling mic is not muted on the touch panel. You can also look at the ceiling tile itself to see if the light is green or red. 

If you are in zoom, ensure that the Shure P300 Echo Canceling Speakerphone microphone is selected inside the settings. 



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