Starting an Instant Meeting in Teams

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Turn a team conversation into a meeting with a few clicks. Add audio, video, and share your screen.

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Start an instant meeting

There are two ways to start an instant meeting in Microsoft Teams:

  • Select Meet in a channel.

  • To keep the context of a conversation, select Reply in a conversation thread, and then select Meet under where you'd type your reply.

Join a meeting

In the pre-meeting video preview:

  1. Toggle on your camera and microphone, or set up your microphone and speaker. 

  2. If you'd like, give the meeting a name, and select Join now.

Invite others to a meeting

Want someone to join your ad-hoc meeting?

  1. Select Show participants to invite people at any time.

  2. Type a name or phone number into the box.

  3. Select Request to join on who you want to invite.

Manage your meeting

Record your meeting, share content to participants, and share the recorded meeting when you're done. 

  • To record a meeting, select More actions  Select to see more options  > Start recording.

  • To share content, select the Share content tray, and choose what to show such as your screen, an open window, or a PowerPoint file.

  • Find your recorded meeting where you first started your meeting in Teams. You can view, edit, and share this recording with others.

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