Technology Purchasing Guidelines


The following guidelines cover the responsibilities of purchasing and funding technology at North Central. OTI is responsible for the purchasing of all technology and software. OTI will work with university leadership and departments to identify technology needs.  OTI is responsible for managing operational and capital funds for technology planning and purchases. 

OTI centrally funds the following technologies (or will submit a capital request for):

  • General fleet devices (e.g. standard employee laptops and desktops and standard peripherals)
  • Learning spaces technology
  • Conference room technology
  • General student computing lab technology 
  • Infrastructure technology

For all other technology, after vetting the capabilities, sustainability (of support), and compatibility (with other university technology) of the item, OTI purchases the technology.

  • Departments are responsible funding non-standard or custom purchases. Items are still purchased by OTI, but charged to the requesting department.
  • Departments are responsible for funding the purchase of employee computers that go beyond our standard models, as well as, the full costs of purchasing technology for specialized department labs or accessories (e.g. docks, dongles, and extra monitors.)

Please see Standard Technologies for a list of currently selected models.

Technology Purchasing Guidelines

IT reviews multiple vendor products to find the best alignment with our campus needs as well as ensuring reliability, quality, and performance. Our goal is to maintain an accurate asset inventory list by centralizing the computer purchasing and receiving process.

IT places orders for (this following list is not exhaustive) the following:

  • Desktop computers (both standard and non-standard configurations)
  • Laptop computers (both standard and non-standard configurations)
  • Accessories - purchased with a computer
    • Port replicators / Docking stations
    • Device dongles
  • iPads and other tablets
  • Monitors 
  • TVs and Large Format Displays
  • Projectors
  • Video switchers
  • Audio amps
  • Document cameras
  • DVD players
  • Presentation pointers
  • Wireless display devices (e.g. Mersive Solstice)
  • Access Points
  • Webcams
  • Headsets
  • Network Switches
  • Servers
  • Network Storage
  • Printers
  • General technology accessories and peripherals
  • All software

Once again, this list is not exhaustive.  Please check with OTI for all technology purchases. 


If you are ordering standard computer models, refer to the product list below when completing the computer order form. If you are ordering non-standard equipment, the first step is getting a custom quote by submitting a Technology/Accessory Quote Request. OTI staff will work with our preferred vendors to obtain a quote.

Standard university devices and items for approved projects are covered by the appropriate IT or project account.  Devices are non-standard or custom are still purchased by OTI, but are charged to the requesting department (e.g. a wireless keyboard in place of a standard keyboard.)

Ordering Timeliness and Planning

Order fulfillment times vary by vendor. Standard computer equipment usually ships within 1 week. For non-standard orders, please allow for an additional 2 weeks.

Once all products arrive on campus, allow up to 1-2 additional weeks for installation. It’s very important to include a “need by date” on the computer order form when ordering for a new employee or for special circumstances (e.g. employee needs a computer before traveling abroad). IT maintains a limited inventory of spare computers for emergency repair situations.  For new hires, make sure to submit a request as soon as possible, so that the device can be in place when they arrive.


  • Technical/Purchasing Questions—Call the IT Service Desk at 4170.
  • Non-technology Purchasing Questions—We recommend you contact your department’s budget manager.


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