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Pinned Article Standard Technologies

IT reviews vendor pricing and offerings on a regular basis. This list will change periodically due to price or product model updates.

Pinned Article Technology Purchasing Guidelines

The following guidelines cover the responsibilities of purchasing and funding technology at North Central.

Extend Your Desktop to Another Display

Extends the primary desktop to the display currently selected. Requires at least 2 displays.

Google Drive for Students

Getting started with Google Drive (includes links to Google Drive's support sites)

How Do I Allow Pop Ups in My Browser?

Learn how to control your browser pop up blocker.

How Do I Locate My Computer's Name?

If you need to contact the IT Service Desk for assistance, you may be asked to provide the device name for your computer. All campus computers are given a unique computer name, and this name should appear on a label located somewhere on your computer.

How To: Add a Printer To Your Computer

How to add a printer to your device

Lost or Missing Network Drive Access

Troubleshooting for when you do not see a network drive.

Mirroring Displays for Presentation

Duplicate – makes all of the displays (monitors and/or projectors/TVs) show the same thing by duplicating the desktop on each monitor.

Mobile Printing

Employees and students are able to send a print job to one of our Canon printers from any device that can send an email (e.g. laptop, tablet, or smartphone.)

Moving Technology from an Office Space

Guideline and procedures for moving furniture and technology between offices.


Faculty and staff can access an on-campus-Microsoft-Windows-based desktop computer from home or another off-campus location via Remote Desktop. This windows-based desktop is call NETPC.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is Microsoft’s cloud-based file storage and sharing service.

Printing to PDF

In many application with a Print option, you can make a PDF file. You simply choose the Microsoft Print to PDF from the list of printer choices.

Printing, Scanning, and Copying - uniFlow and Copiers

These instructions are for university-owned devices. To print from a personal device, you will need to follow instructions for Mobile Print. Printing, scanning, and copying can all be done at one of the many Canon copiers around campus.

Requesting Access to an N drive folder

The N: Drive is a drive designed to be shared between users in a department, by a specific group of users, or for other purposes designated by the university. Users can only see the folders they have access to under the N: Drive.

Safely Remove a USB Device in Windows

Some USB devices, such as a flash drive, must first be stopped before they can be removed from your computer or shut off in order to lessen the chance of data corruption.

Technology Purchasing Information

Learn which technology items must be purchased through IT and which should be purchased through your department.

Touchpad is too Sensitive or Mouse Pointer Moves Erratically

When using a ProBook or EliteBook, the mouse cursor may jump around the screen because your palms are hitting the touchpad.

Using Presenter View in PowerPoint

In Presenter View you will see your notes on one screen (monitor)  and the presentation on the other (projector).

Which Adapters Do I Need for My 2016+ MacBook Pro?

Starting in 2016, Apple included two or more USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports.  These ports use brand new connectors, and support both data and charging - you can use them interchangeably with peripherals and the AC adapter.