Finding the IP Address of Windows 10 Device


Each computer at North Central University  (and elsewhere on the Internet) is assigned a unique IP address. In most cases, the computer is also assigned a unique hostname. This name and address allow you to communicate with other computer systems on campus and on the Internet.

IP addresses can be static, meaning a permanent number is assigned to your computer (by IT) or they can be dynamic, meaning a temporary number is assigned each time you connect to the network. At NCU, most computers have dynamic IP addresses assigned by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).  

Finding Your IP Address

  1. Use the Search box in the taskbar to search for and type Network Status.

  1. Select Network Status.

  1. Select Ethernet from the left menu, below the Network & Internet heading.

  1. Select your active connection from the list in the middle of the window, under Ethernet.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the window. Your PC's IP address appears in the value column, next to IPv4 Address.


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