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Articles related to network, Wi-Fi, and phone topics.

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Phones & Voicemail

Phone and Voicemail

Gaming Devices

Setup your Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo gaming device.

Consumer/Smart Device/

Assistance connecting your Smart TV, AppleTV, Roku, or Amazon FireStick streaming device. Also included are Amazon Echo and the Google Home.

Google ChromeCasts are not currently supported.

Personal Computer Setup

KB articles related to common network topics for Windows and macOS.

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Pinned Article Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Android Devices

Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Android devices

Pinned Article Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Chromebook

How to connect your Chromebook to NCU network

Pinned Article Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Guest Access

Getting connected to NCU Guest Wi-Fi

Pinned Article Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - iOS Devices (iPhone and iPad)

Connecting your iOS device to NCU-Wi-Fi

Pinned Article Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Windows Devices

Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Windows Devices

Pinned Article How To: Connect a Smart Device to NCU WiFi

This can include any devices such as gaming devices, smart tv's, entertainment devices like Playstations, Xbox, etc. These devices, if supported, must be onboarded to the network in a specific way.

Connecting to the VPN

The VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is used to connect your machine to North Central's network so that you are able to access any systems without the need for being on campus. These systems include Colleague servers, Network Drives, and more. Our VPN is through a company called GlobalProtect. This article will walk you through connecting to the VPN client.

How To: Connect a Wired Device to NCU Network

Learn how to register your wired device to NetReg.

Receiving a Fax

Incoming faxes are delivered to department email inboxes. Learn what it looks like to receive a fax.

Sending a Fax (E-mail-to-Fax)

North Central University utilizes a service that allows employees to send faxes directly through the e-mail.  Learn how to send a fax by follow this guide!

Smart Devices and the University Network

Some devices are designed around being on a household network to operate properly and do not work well (or at all) on a large campus network where thousands of devices are connected at one time.

Turning Off Wireless on Personal Printers

Wireless printing is a common feature on newer printers However, these personal printers broadcast wireless networks that interfere with NCU's wireless network.