Why does IT ask me to submit a request/ticket?


IT will often request that you submit a ticket if you contact us directly with a request. 

If you submit your request through a specific service in the service catalog (See "Services" in the menu above) your request is routed directly to the team responsible for fulfilling your request. Requests through IT service site often include specific information required to complete your request, allowing us to capture the information up front to fulfill your request more quickly with higher quality solutions. In the event the person you usually contact is absent or unavailable, another IT team member can still fulfill your request.

Why creating tickets is important for efficient and sustainable service 

  • Tickets are tracked and are much less likely to be lost or forgotten like an email or conversation.
  • Tickets can be prioritized and allow us to manage competing priorities more easily.
  • Tickets have a built-in survey functionality for a certain percentage of requests to allow us to easily collect, organize, and report on your feedback to make improvements.
  • IT reports on tickets to allow us to best allocate time, resources, and prioritize.

Contacting an individual directly rather than submitting a ticket can mean your request:

  • Isn't fulfilled if the individual is away on vacation or unplanned absence.
  • Is lost or forgotten if it's sent as an email. Depending on the time of year the volume of email can mean your request can be misplaced in a time of high email volume.
  • Isn't prioritized correctly as an email or phone conversation is more difficult to prioritize versus the built-in prioritization methods in our ticketing system.

Thank you for submitting tickets for your requests and helping us to provide the best service possible to the entire campus community!

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