Change An Employee's Colleague Permissions or Request Access

In order to access Colleague, North Central University's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, accounts must be specially created. If you already have access to Colleague, you may request to add, remove, or change your account permissions as needed. Please note, requests for Colleague account creation and request for permission changes follow an approval process and will not be generated immediately.

  • All requests must be submitted by the head of the relevant department or employee's supervisor.
  • The supervisor will also be notified once the account has been created or modified. It's their responsibility to assure proper training takes place prior to the new employee working in Colleague.

In the "Change Details" include the access/permissions needed for the employee; the easiest way to do this is to think of the student or staff who has similar access/permission and ask for us to mirror that person's access (e.g,.mirror Bob Smith's access). 

Requesting a change

To request Colleague access or to request a change to an employee's colleague permissions, click Request Service.

Request Service


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