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Please use this form to submit reports and request related to department concerns (e.g. concern with officer conduct, concern with a department policy, concern with department attire, and concern with a specific area on campus).

Canvas (Courses) is North Central University's learning management system. Courses is used for the creation, managing and delivering learning content as well as communication with students and tracking their performance.

Request a Colleague or Salesforce access for an employee.

Change an employees Colleague or Salesforce permissions: security persona assignment, Self-Service access, and budget line access.

Classrooms and labs.

Classy is a social enterprise fundraising tool that helps North Central University maximize their impact through a suite of world-class, online fundraising tools to accelerate social impact around the world.

Colleague serves as the primary system of record for administrative data and includes modules for curriculum and academic records, financial aid, demographics, HR, and finance. Colleague is frequently integrated with other applications on campus to ensure consistency of data (e.g. Moodle, Starfish, and more.)

Use this service to request assistance with or to report issues with Colleague.

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, report it immediately to IT.  IT will work with you to reset your password, restore access to your account, and investigate the impact of the incident.

The IT Service Desk provides computer and device support for employees and students. Support levels vary by device type and device ownership.

The IT service desk centrally manages NCU-owned machines. Part of this process is the deployment of a specially configured operating system and software suite.

If you notice something isn't working in a conference room or need assistance, please let us know and we will respond to the issue as soon as possible.

All printing-related issues from physical copier/printer issues (jams, noises etc.) or issues with network print queues.

Use this form to be reinstated into course after the Add period for a semester has closed.

This form is to be submitted by faculty member.

Request changes to Domain Name Services (DNS) entries or report issues related to DNS.

Requests and issues involving email/calendaring within Office 365, the Outlook client, or Gmail.