How To: Add co-organizers to a meeting in Teams (Co-host)

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After you've invited people to your meeting, you can add up to 10 co-organizers to help manage your meeting. Co-organizers are displayed as additional organizers in the meeting participant list and have most of the capabilities of the meeting organizer.

Co-organizer capabilities

Co-organizers can

Co-organizers can't

Access and change meeting options

View and download attendance reports

Become a breakout room manager

Manage the meeting recording

Bypass the lobby

Edit the meeting invitation

Admit people from the lobby during a meeting

Remove or change the meeting organizer's role

Lock the meeting


Present content


Change another participant’s meeting role


End the meeting for all


Note: To make co-organizers breakout room managers, you must first assign them the breakout room manager role.

Add co-organizers to a meeting

To add co-organizers to a meeting, make sure the people you want to add are already required attendees then follow the steps below:

  1. Select your meeting and then choose Edit.

  2. Select More options  More options icon > Meeting options.

  3. On the meeting options page, next to Choose co-organizers, select the down arrow and choose the name of the additional co-organizer(s).

    add a co-organizer to a meeting

  4. Select Save at the bottom of your screen.

Note: Co-organizers must be in the same organization as the meeting organizer, or be using a guest account in the same org.

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