How To: Connect a Smart Device to NCU WiFi

Household and consumer wireless devices do not support the authentication process used by NCU-Secure; therefore, they must be connected to the network via a different method than standard computers/tablets/phones.

  • These devices must be registered in our system via
  • Any device that does not work on an 802.1x network will need to be registered. This incldues game consoles, smart TVs, Roku/AmazonTV sticks, etc.

Find Out if Your Device is Supported

Some devices are designed around being on a household network to operate properly, and do not work well on a large campus network where thousands of devices are connected at one time – and one device is trying to find one another to send data to it.  To see which devices are supported, check out the article Consumer Wireless Devices and the University Network.

Register Your Device 

  1. On a different device, get on NCU’s network and go to then log in with your NCU username and password.
  2. Click Create Device.

  1. Fill in the required fields to register your device and click Create Device. 


  1. On your smart device, look for available networks, and connect the smart device to NCU-Guest.


Need Assistance?

If you need assistance, please submit an IT service request


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