Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Android Devices

This article will detail how to connect your Android mobile device to North Central Wi-Fi. Some Android Devices are unable to automatically receive the certificate to connect to the network, so we must download and provision the certificate onto your device. If you connect without the certificate, then you data is not private and at risk to anyone connected to the network. 

Connecting your Android device to North Central Wi-Fi

1. Navigate to your phone's settings then WiFi settings. 

2. Select NCU-Secure from the list

3. Under CA Certificate: Select Use System Certificates

4. Under Online Certificate Status select Request Certificate Status.

     - Skip this step if this option doesn't appear for you.

5. Enter as the domain.

6. Enter your NCU Username under Identity 

     - Use just the username, not the full email address (i.e aaron.devall or addevall)

7. Enter your password under Password. 

8. Select Connect.


You should be connected to the network. If it fails to connect, ensure that you have entered the correct password. If it continues to fail either continue with the steps below, or stop by the IT Service Desk. 

Connecting using Clearpass QuickConnect

If you were unable to connect via the steps provided above, follow these steps to continue with the Onboarding process.

1. Go to the app store, search for QuickConnect and install the free app called ClearPass QuickConnect. This application is what we use to provision your device. It is made by the same company that runs our wired and wirless network. 


     - If you are unable to download the application via data, please stop into the IT Service Desk. We have a hotspot that can be used at the desk to download the application.

​​2. Open the Clearpass QuickConnect App. You will need to allow the application to access files, phone, etc. The app can be deleted once provisioning is completed. 

3. Connect to the NCU-Guest Network. The registration page should soon appear. 

         - You may need to tap the network to bring up the registration page. 

4. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right, and tap Open in Browser. 

         - Some may say "Use this connection anyways"

          - You can also open a web browser and navigate to If you do not open this page in the browser, you will be unable to download the file needed to provision the device. 

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and tap on the link that states Connect your device here.

6. Enter your NCU Credentials in the appropriate fields. Enter only the username, not the entire email.

7. You should have already downloaded the QuickConnect application, so tap the link that says I have already installed QuickConnect.


      - Downloading the application beforehand ensures the form does not time out while installing the app. 

8. Select the Download the network profile and install it using QuickConnect button. 

9. This should download a file. When you select Open, it should open within the QuickConnect application. 

10. The application should begin to provision your device onto the network. 


It may take up to 5 minutes. The application will notify you when it is completed. Please keep the app open while provisioning.

Once your device has connected to the network, feel free to delete the ClearPass QuickConnect application off of your phone.

Need assistance?

If you need assistance, please submit an IT service request


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