Connecting to NCU Wi-Fi - Guest Access

Connecting to North Central Guest Wi-Fi

Note: NCU students and employees are strongly encouraged to use encryption by connecting to the NCU-Secure Wi-Fi network instead of the NCU-Guest Wi-Fi network. 

  1. Go to your device’s Wi-Fi setup.
  2. Look for available networks and choose NCU-Guest.
    • Most devices will go to this page.  If not, use a browser to visit:

  1. Enter your information.
  2. Click the box next to "I accept the terms of use"
  3. Click Register.


  1. A password will be sent as a text message to the phone number that you provided.
  2. Press Click here to continue.
    • If you do not see the “Welcome” screen, use a browser to visit: and click “Sign in here” at the bottom of the screen.


  1. On the password screen.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Enter the password that was sent to you as a text message.
    • Click Log In.


Need assistance?

If you need assistance with NCU-Guest, please stop by the IT Service Desk.

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North Central University offers wired and wireless connectivity to employees, students, and guests. If you have issues, please report issues via this service request.