Troubleshooting Mersive Solstice Issues

Mac Client Installer Crashes

If you are unable to install the Mac OS Solstice client due to it crashing during the installation process, upgrade your Mac to the most current version of MacOS via the App Store. The crashing behavior is due to your laptop running an outdated version of Mac OS.

Repeated Notifications that "Solstice is still connected..."

This is not a bug, but it is a feature that can be turned off. Notifications are meant to remind users they are still connected to Solstice, in the event they leave a room but forget to disconnect. Turn them off in the Solstice client by toggling Notification Settings to None.

Audio Not Playing

Be sure you are sharing your Desktop (or Media File, if streaming a local file from your computer). App Window is designed to only share an app window's video content; it will not carry audio. 

Be sure Desktop Audio is toggled On within the Solstice client.

Mac users will be prompted for a one-time install of the Solstice audio component, as shown below.This is required to stream audio via Mac. After clicking Yes, enter your Mac's password when prompted to install the audio component. Once the dialog box disappears, stop sharing your desktop and then re-share it.

Do not mute your device while Solstice client is active. When you toggle audio On in Solstice, it automatically mutes your computer audio to prevent echoing. Toggling mute on/off via laptop function key will confuse the Solstice as to the current state of your computer's sound. Use the Solstice app's controls for turning audio on/off, and use the volume controls within your browser or app to fine-tune volume levels.

Video Streaming is Choppy

Restart your device. Rebooting a device can address a wide range of performance issues, particularly if that device is infrequently rebooted or shut down.

If playing a local video file from your computer, use VLC Player. There are numerous video players available, but some lack the full set of codecs needed to play video and audio properly. VLC Player is recommended. If you do not have it installed on your computer, it can be downloaded free from

Unable to Extend Powerpoint in Presentation Mode

Use a wired connection as a work around, for now. A single active display cannot be extended and mirrored at the same time. Mersive is planning to add support for this in an upcoming version of the Solstice Client.

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