Finding the MAC address of a PlayStation 4

To make use of the university's network, your device needs to have its MAC address registered with IT.  Follow the steps on this article to find your device's MAC address. 

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface that is expressed in a sequence of values written in pairs. These pairs are often separated by colons, hyphens, or other characters.  Example MAC address: 00:00:00:a1:2b:cc

If your computer has multiple network adapters (for example, an Ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter), each adapter has its own MAC address.

Finding your MAC address

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 without any disk in the drive and wait for the menu to pop up.
  2. Navigate to the Settings icon (located on the far left.)

  1. Select the System icon under the Settings menu.

  1. Select System Information.


  1. You will see the MAC address listed on this screen.


Need assistance?

If you need assistance, please submit an IT service request


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