How To: Connect a Wired Device to NCU Network


ClearPass is how North Central University keeps wired devices on the network. Follow the steps below to learn how to register your wired device to Clearpass.


Before you can register the wired device to Clearpass, you need to find the device's MAC address. Check your manufacturer's documentation or look at our list of related articles on this page for help finding this information.

  1. On a different device, get on NCU’s network and go to then log in with your NCU username and password.
  2. Click Create Device.
  1. Fill in the required fields to register your device and click Create Device. 

Once completed, your device will be able to connect to the wired network on the NCU network. 

Getting help

If you encounter any issues with Clearpass or need assistance, consider submitting an IT service request.

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