Gradebook- Incorrect course totals

The Moodle Gradebook automatically calculates a course score for each of your students. However, there are times when the course total does not seem correct and the math just doesn't add up. If you are experiencing trouble with one or several student's course scores, review the instructions below to see if your grades are being accidentally overridden.

  1. In the Administration block, click Grades.
  2. This is the Grader Report area, where all your course grades are displayed. At the very far right of the Grader Report (use the horizontal slide bar at the bottom to move to the right), locate your Course total column.
  3. The Course total column automatically calculates students' course grades based on your selected grading method. 
    • *Notice some of the course totals above are shaded with an orange-ish color. This means the course score has been manually adjusted.
  4. Locate the student(s) that are displaying an incorrect course total. Does their course total cell display with the orange color? This occurs when the instructor manually types a score in the column and saves, thus overriding the automatic calculation Moodle was providing. 
  5. To remove that student's override, we have to edit that cell. In the upper-right corner of the Grader Report, select the Turn editing on button.
  6. When the Grader Report reloads, you'll notice each score has an editing icon in the upper-right corner of each cell. Scroll to the Course total column and click on the gear icon located in the top right of the box for that student's score.
  7. Once you are redirected to the edit grade portion Locate the Overridden checkbox (third option from the top) and deselect the check mark.
  8. At the bottom of the page, select the Save changes button.
  9. Now you are taken back to the Grader Report area. Scroll to the Course total column and find your student's score. The orange-ish color should be removed and the correct score should be displayed.
  10. Repeat this process (Steps 8-10) for any other students with an overridden score. If you need to remove overrides for the entire course total column, or for an individual assignment, you can also do this in the Single View gradebook screen by clicking None in the Override column.

Getting assistance with grades

If you need help with assistance with Moodle grading or the Moodle gradebook, contact the Office of Instructional Design (


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