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Learn how to create, delete, and manage Announcements in Moodle.
Moodle provides many communication tools. This overview will help you learn about the strengths and limitations of each tool and when you might choose to use it.
Learn how to edit your Moodle profile and preferences. Profiles help to build a sense of community in your class. Your profile will be accessible in any course in which you are enrolled, so you need only customize it once and update it as needed.
Learn how to submit an assignment in Moodle.
Learn about advanced grade settings in Moodle Gradebook.
Learn how to worth with letter grades in Moodle.
Learn how to control the visibility of your courses.
Learn how to connect your Moodle course calendars to your Google Calendar for ease of access.
Courses may not be visible for a variety of reasons. Learn how to locate your courses or to troubleshoot missing course issues.
Learn more about the activities block in Moodle and learn how to add it to your course.
Learn how to take a quiz and review your quiz results in Moodle
Learn how to email your students in Moodle.
Learn how to create and manage Groups and Groupings in Moodle.
Learn how to create single-student groups in Moodle. This is most commonly used to create individual journals using a forum activity.
Learn how to set up and use group modes in Moodle. Instructors can use Group modes to control how groups of students interact with an activity and what students can see from other groups.