How To: Control the Visibility of the Moodle Gradebook or Grades for Specific Items

Controlling the visibility of the gradebook for students

Instructors can control whether students can access and view their grades in Moodle in a personalized grade report called the User report. By default, this report is set to be visible to students, meaning students can see their own grades for any graded activities that are not hidden from students

Even if the Gradebook is hidden from students, students can still view grades for individual assignments by opening the activity and reviewing their submission.

Showing/hiding the gradebook

  1. Select Course Management, the Course Management panel will open.
  2. On the Course Management panel, under Course Settings, select Edit course settings.
  3. Under the General heading, from the Show gradebook to students drop-down menu, select Yes or No.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save and display.

Controlling the visibility of grades for specific items

Moodle allows hide grades for a specific item or release the grade at a scheduled time. This can be useful if you are grading assignments over a series of days and want all students to see their grades only after all grading has been completed. Keep in mind that when you hide a Moodle Assignment column in the grade book, the grade is hidden throughout your course page (even when the student looks at their assignment submission). Although the grade (as well as any feedback comments or files you have added) will be hidden, the assignment activity link will still be visible.

Manually hide grades for an item

  1. In the Administration block, under Course Administration, click Gradebook setup. The gradebook will open to the Gradebook setup.
  2. In the row for the grade item or category you wish to hide, under the Actions column (at far right), click Edit, then from the drop-down menu select Hide. The grade item's color will dimmed to indicate the item is now hidden.
  3. When you are ready to show the grades for this grade item to students, navigate back to this page and for the grade item you want to show, click Edit, and from the drop-down menu select Show. The grade item will change back to its original color to indicate the item is now visible.

Release grades at a scheduled time

Another option is to set grades for a particular assignment to automatically become visible to students at a scheduled time.

  1. In the Administration block, under Course Administration, click Gradebook setup. The gradebook will open to the Gradebook setup page.
  2. For the grade item for which you wish to set a release time, under the Actions column (at far right), click Edit, then from the drop-down menu, select Edit Settings. The Edit grade item page will open.
  3. Under the Grade item heading, click Show more.... Additional options will appear.
  4. For Hidden until, select the Enable checkbox (at far right). The date/time fields will become editable.
  5. Set the date and time that you want grades released.
  6. Click Save changes to finish. You will be returned to the Gradebook Setup page.

Getting assistance with grades

If you need help with assistance with Moodle grading or the Moodle gradebook, contact the Office of Instructional Design (


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