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Panopto allows users to share videos with other users. Follow the information below to learn how to utilize Panopto's sharing features.
Learn how to edit a video using the Panopto editor to edit or trim a video.
All North Central-owned Windows devices have the Panopto app installed.  For university-owned Mac devices, users will need to install the app via Self Service.
Zoom can be used to host online meetings and interactive sessions with individuals inside and outside of San José State University. The Meetings service within Zoom can be used to enhance academic class activity including lecture capture for later review and interaction with remote students and/or guest lecturers.
Panopto is accessible directly via direct link or from within a Moodle course.
VLC Media Player is a very versatile media playback tool, this article is here to get you used to the interface and some of the basic controls of VLC.  VLC is installed on most university-owned machines.