Report Information Security Incidents

Report actual or suspected IT security incidents as soon as possible so that work can begin to investigate and resolve them. If the incident poses any immediate danger, call 911 to contact law enforcement authorities immediately.

Reporting an IT Security Incident

If you suspect a potential security issue involving any private information—whether the information is on a computer, on paper, on the web, etc.—immediately report the details to IT by clicking the Report Incident button on this page. You should also alert your supervisor.  If you are unable to use this form, email

Be prepared to included:

  • Your contact information.
  • The department involved.
  • A brief description of what happened.
    • Do not include sensitive information in the initial report.  IT staff will contact you for more details.
  • A general description of the type of information at issue.

If the suspected breach is on a computer/device storing sensitive or private data, use another computer/device to report the incident.


Faculty, staff, and students can request this service.