Cybersecurity, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities. Report a cybersecurity incident here.

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Compromised Accounts Support

If you suspect that your account has been compromised, report it immediately to IT.  IT will work with you to reset your password, restore access to your account, and investigate the impact of the incident.

Report Information Security Incidents

If you suspect a potential security issue involving any private information—whether the information is on a computer, on paper, on the web, etc.—immediately report the details to IT.

Security Incident Response and Consulting

IT prioritizes keeping your information secure. IT works hard to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and to prevent information from being compromised. You can benefit from consulting with our office by obtaining the necessary tools and information to keep you, your information, and your computer safe.

Technology Recycling and Media Destruction

The technology recycling program makes it easy and convenient for you to responsibly dispose of old university devices. IT will ensure that computer storage devices are securely erased and that the device is properly disposed of—including documentation of disposal.