Network Drives

A network drive is disk space on a server for individual (P: drive) or group use (N: drive) which functions like an additional hard drive on your on-campus computer. IT file servers provide disk space for an individual or an office, often referred to as a P: drive or N: drive. The space is accessible from Windows or Macintosh computers in the same way that any disk drive is. When off campus, you can access your network drives via NETPC. Network drives are routinely backed up.

Access to Network Drives

All employees are granted P: drives without having to make a specific request. P: drives have limited storage and are managed by a storage quota system.  When you near your quota, you (and IT) will get an alert.  Depending on need, IT can sometimes raise the storage quote.

Requests for new or changed N: drives permissions/access must come from appropriately authorized individuals at the director level or higher.


Faculty and staff can request this service. Explicit vice president or director-level approval is required for all drive access request and changes.  Requests that come from employees will be verified with the appropriate vice president or director before changes are made.

Requesting Service

Click Request Service to: 

  • Request a new drive or folder.
  • Change access/permissions to an existing space.
  • Report a problem with a network drive.
Request Service

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The N: Drive is a drive designed to be shared between users in a department, by a specific group of users, or for other purposes designated by the university. Users can only see the folders they have access to under the N: Drive.


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