File Sharing & Collaboration

Email, Calendaring, and File Sharing.

Services (7)

Email and Calendaring Assistance

Requests and issues involving email/calendaring within Office 365, the Outlook client, or Gmail.

File Restoration

If you notice that file on a network drive is missing or if you accidentally delete on a network drive, IT may be able to restore the file.  At this time, file restoration is limited to network drives. IT cannot restore files that were saved to your NCU-owned device.

G Suite (Google Gmail)

G Suite is a set of cloud-based tools developed by Google. G Suite includes services like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more.

Microsoft Office 365 E-mail & Calendar

Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity, collaboration, and messaging platform. All faculty and staff are required to use Office 365 e-mail for the official University business-related correspondence. Currently, only faculty and staff have access to e-mail and Outlook app in Office 365; not available to students.

Network Drives

A network drive is disk space on a server for individual or group use which functions as an additional hard drive on your on-campus computer. Typically NCU include the P: drive and N: drive.

Spam Identification and Filtering

North Central utilizes Microsoft's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for protecting your email from spam, viruses, and phishing attempts.

Shared Mailbox/Calendar and Distribution Groups

Request a new generic email address to be used for a department, club, committee, or another purpose.