Security Incident Response and Consulting

Anything from ransomware attacks to phishing scams and other malicious intent can potentially target your computer. With our University security incident procedures and services, you can feel better knowing that there's a trusted plan in place should you encounter these events. You can benefit from consulting with our office by obtaining the necessary tools and information to keep you, your information, and your computer safe.

IT prioritizes keeping your information secure. IT works hard to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and to prevent information from being compromised. IT also works to ensure the prevention of unauthorized access to data.

In the event that your information is compromised, IT can help. The team is the first line of defense against an incident, working to protect you from suspicious activity at all times. These security experts have the capabilities to identify threats and respond to incidents in a timely manner. The response and consulting services include the ability to:

  • Address concerns about compromised university accounts, workstations, servers, or other equipment managed by the University.
  • Respond to attempts to compromise University accounts or systems via phishing scams or other methods.
  • Discuss IT risk management and compliance, including security assessments.

Evaluate a service 

If your department wishes to purchase new software or a new service, the IT must first evaluate that the service aligns university security standards and implements university policies to properly secure the transmission and storage of North Central University information.

Network firewall exception

A Firewall Exception is a rule that permits or denies certain types of Internet communications through the university's network defenses. If you manage a server or some other device that must be accessible from the greater Internet, you may request a Firewall Exception for that server.


Faculty and staff can request this service.

Requesting this service

To learn more about security incident response and consulting or to request consulting, submit a service request by click Request Service.

Request Service

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Although your first instinct may be to ignore or delete suspicious emails, we recommend that you report them to our security team. IT will examine the email and advise you of any further steps you may need to take.
A compromised account is one accessed by a person not authorized to use the account.


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