Microsoft Office 365 E-mail & Calendar

Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity, collaboration, and messaging platform. All faculty and staff are required to use Office 365 e-mail for the official University business-related correspondence. Currently, only faculty and staff have access to e-mail and Outlook app in Office 365; not available to students.

Accessing Office 365

To access your mailbox, please visit  and sign in with your full NCU email address and password or see Related Articles section on the right for additional information on how to configure Outlook and other apps on different devices.

In addition to personal mailboxes, Office 365 also offers shared mailboxes. If you need a new shared mailbox to be created or need to add/remove people to/from an existing shared mailbox, please submit a service request from our Shared Mailbox & Calendar service page.

Each mailbox has a built-in calendar that faculty and staff use to manage their University schedule.


Faculty and staff can request this service.

Requesting Assistance

To request assistance with Office 365 related inquiries listed below, please click on the Request Service button on the right. 

Request Service


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