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RamBot is the official chatbot of university IT. It can answer your common technical questions, as well as, give some basic campus related information. RamBot is a learning chatbot, so the more it is used, the smarter it becomes. If it doesn’t know the answer now, there’s a good chance it will down the road. Click chat icon in the bottom right hand corner at it.northcentral.edu to try out RamBot.


While anyone can chat with RamBot, chatting with a human requires authentication.  Except for special circumstances, live chat support is available during normal service desk hours.

  • Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – Midnight
  • Saturday – Noon – 5:00 pm
  • Sunday – 5:00 pm – Midnight

To chat with a human, you just need to type “Chat with an agent” or “Chat with a human”.  If there is a staff member available, then a chat session will start.


Question:  RamBot didn’t respond properly to my question, is it working? 

Answer: RamBot is a learning chatbot focusing on knowledge management for the IT service desk.  If you are asking questions unrelated to tech, there is a good chance it won’t have an answer for you.  If it is tech related and doesn’t know the answer, there is a good chance it will in the future.    

Question:  What do I do if RamBot doesn’t help me? 

Answer:  You always have the option for submitting a ticket through the IT service site (it.northcentral.edu).  If you don’t see the Submit Ticket option, just type in I want to submit a ticket. Additionally, you can type I want to Chat with a human and if there is a staff member available, then a live chat session can be established.  Also, you can always contact the IT service desk as in the past.

Question:  Does RamBot know about anything other than IT? 

Answer:  While the focus of RamBot is IT, it also knows some other helpful campus information.  Feel free to ask!

Question:  What if I have an idea to add information to RamBot

Answer:  Administrators on the back end of RamBot can see what people have asked.  We review these and will add information to RamBot we think will be helpful.

Question:  How should I ask questions to get a proper response?

Answer:  To increase your chances of having a helpful answer, be sure to type an actual question, not just a single word.

Question:  If RamBot is AI, do we need to worry about it taking over the world? 

Answer:  RamBot says no.  However, we can never really be sure.

Requesting Software or Assistance

If you require assistance with Software Center, would like to request software or have any questions, click Request Service.

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