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These instructions are for university-owned devices. To print from a personal device, you will need to follow instructions for Mobile Print. Printing, scanning, and copying can all be done at one of the many Canon copiers around campus.

Printing from a North Central device 

When you are printing your document, make sure you select the FOLLOW-ME-PRINTER.

You can change options in the print driver or at the printer. In the driver, select Preferences to get options to change Page Setup (copies, multi-up), Finishing (staple, hole punch), or Paper Source. 

uniFLOW print settings

First-time setup at a copier

The first time you scan your ID card, you will be asked to enter your network username and password. This process will not need to be repeated until you change your ID card for any reason.

  1. Tap the top white space and use the popup keypad to enter your username.
  2. Tap Enter.
  3. Then tap the second white space use the popup keypad to enter your password.
  4. Tap Enter.
  5. Tap Login.

Logging into to print

To release print jobs or to scan to your choice of location, you will log in with your Active Directory username and password or by swiping your ID card.

uniflow login screen

Secure queue

When you hit print on a document or in an application, the print job is sent to your secure print queue.  With uniFlow, print jobs will not print until you release them. Since all your print jobs go to your centralized secure queue, you can release them at any Canon copier on campus that is using uniFLOW.

After you log in you will see your Secure Queue

uniFLOW secure print queue


Printing from your queue

  1. Tap on the job you want to print.
    • If needed, click Options to change job properties. E.g. the number of copies, whether to print two-sided, etc. Note that B&W jobs (top right) cannot be changed to color at the device.
  2. Tap on Print + Delete or Print + Keep to print the job.

Making copies

  1. Place your document on the copier
  2. Tap on Copy
  3. Make any adjustments to the copy settings
    1. Tap Finishing for Staple/Collage/Group options
    2. Tap 2-Sided to choose between 1 or 2-sided copies
    3. Tap Options to access advanced features (e.g making booklets/adding covers/frame erase/page numbering/job build,etc.)
  4. Click the Start on the keypad to start copying.


  1. Tap Scan and Send
  2. Select Send to Myself or Specify Destinations to send the scan.
  3. The scan will be emailed to you.

Requesting assistance and reporting issues

If you have any problems or questions, please submit an IT Service Request.


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