Account Locked and Account Lockouts


A North Central University account will be locked after multiple incorrect login attempts. Account lockouts are most generally caused by additional devices (typically phones and tablets) that have outdated password information for wireless and email accounts.  These devices attempt to connect to your account on a periodic basis (i.e. to download new emails, or to connect to Wi-Fi), so they will continue to lockout your account repeatedly unless updated with your current password.  

However, repeated incorrect login attempts from a single site or service can also lock your account.

How to potentially identify which device is locking out your account

While IT can often help narrow the search, pinpointing the exact device that is causing the lockout is not always a simple process.  

  1. Request an account unlock.
  2. Turn off or disconnect any devices that may be storing an old password. Think carefully about all of the electronic devices that you own, that you could have possibly entered your North Central username and password into.
  • Any devices connecting to Wi-Fi, such as NCU-Secure, or fetching emails through home wireless or cellular data connection will cause the account to become locked. Set all of your mobile devices to airplane mode and turn off any other notebook and desktop computers that are using the password during the password change process.
  1. Turn your devices back on, one by one, allowing time for the device to attempt a login (at least as long between known bad password attempts, generally 30 minutes). Ensure at the end of this period that your account is not locked.
  2. After turning on a single device, and finding your account is locked out again after a period of time, the device has been pinpointed.
  3. Search the device for saved passwords that need to be updated (generally email or wireless configuration, but can be other 3rd party applications).

Requesting an account unlock or requesting further assistance

If your account is locked or if you are having trouble identifying which device is locking you out: Please note that in order to assist in unlocking your account you must have computer access and your devices readily available when contacting the IT Service Desk.

  • Submit an IT service request.
  • Stop by the IT Service Desk
  • Call the IT Service Desk (612.343.4170)


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If you are having issues and cannot access your account or reset your password, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to speak with a staff member.

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If you suspect that your account has been compromised, report it immediately to IT.  IT will work with you to reset your password, restore access to your account, and investigate the impact of the incident.
Your North Central credentials are used for accessing university computers, email, services, and networks. Use this service to report issues with your account or to request changes for an existing North Central University employee, student worker, or to request changes to a current employee's network access due to a change of department or responsibilities.  Do not use this form to request new accounts.