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Pinned Article MFA: Setting Up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

North Central utilizes multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for all users, including faculty, staff, adjuncts, and students. Learn how to set up MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator.

Pinned Article MFA: Using Authenticator App without Cell Service

This article provides instructions for how to use a one-time password code through the Microsoft Authenticator app when you have a weak or no signal to your cell phone or cannot receive notifications.

Account Locked and Account Lockouts

A North Central University account will be locked after multiple incorrect login attempts. Account lockouts are most generally caused by additional devices (typically phones and tablets) that have outdated password information for wireless and email accounts.

Can't Log In

If you are having issues and cannot access your account or reset your password, you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to speak with a staff member.

Changing your NCU Account Name

NCU account names are based on your legal name as it appears on official university records. Active faculty, staff, or students can request a username change under certain circumstances.

Changing Your University Password

Learn how to update your NCU password that manages your university applications, email, and Moodle accounts.

Logging In After Summer 2020

What to do when logging in for the first time after July 1 2020

New Student Account Claim Process

All new student are required to claim their account before they can access North Central Services and Websites.

Password Complexity Requirements

This article describes the best practices and security considerations for the Password Must Meet Complexity Requirements security policy setting. Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created.

Remember to Sign Out! Sometimes Closing Your Browser is Not Enough

To ensure that employee and student Login credentials are protected and access to North Central data is appropriate, Information Technology reminds all users to log off their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and shared desktops instead of just exiting an application when finished with it.

Resetting your Password

Resetting and changing your password

TeamDynamix Maintenance Schedule

TeamDynamix, the vendor that hosts this site and the ticket and project system used by technicians, performs regular maintenance at the following times.