Client View of Tickets

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Users can only view tickets if they are the requester or a contact. A requester is the user who submits the ticket request. IT staff can add contacts to the ticket if someone other than the requester needs to view ticket information. Requesters can view their tickets by signing into the IT service site and clicking MY OPEN REQUEST

If you are added as a contact, follow the steps in How to View Tickets as a Contact.

What can requesters and contacts see in a ticket?

Requesters and contacts can see public fields in the ticket, along with the ticket comment feed.

What if a user isn't affiliated with a ticket?

If you send someone a link to a ticket that is not theirs, and they haven't been added as a ticket contact, they will receive a permission denied message. However, users who aren't affiliated with a ticket can still communicate through the ticket. These users can still receive email notifications from the ticket and their email responses will post to these tickets.

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