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This service site is the first stop for many departments, including IT, One Stop, Human Resources/Payroll, Facilities Management, Housekeeping, and more. Learn more!
Several of our automated ticket workflows have steps that require approval before we can continue work on the ticket. Learn how to approve or reject a request.
There are several reasons why you may receive an email from the IT client portal (TeamDynamix).
Getting help or requesting a service. An introduction to using the Service Catalog in the IT client portal.
If you find yourself requesting the same services over and over, you may want to "Favorite" them so they are easier to locate when you need them.
How requestors, contacts, and other users can view ticket information.
For some requests, additional contacts can be added to tickets and view ticket details.
How to add an attachment to a new or existing ticket.
Learn how to sign into the IT Client Portal.
North Central users can open tickets directly from the TDX to (1) report an issue/problem, or (2) to request a service. To open a ticket you must be signed in.
You can comment on or update your ticket(s) in the IT client portal or by responding to tickets via notification emails.
If you no longer need assistance, you can cancel or withdraw a ticket in the IT client portal
Learn how you can quickly view the status of your ticket(s) by logging into the IT self service site.
What to do if you receive a permission denied error message while trying to access an article or service on the IT client portal.
TeamDynamix, the vendor that hosts this site and the ticket and project system used by technicians, performs regular maintenance at the following times.