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Services or Offerings?
Assistance with software installations on NCU-owned devices, in learnings spaces, labs, and conference rooms.

IT provides North Central University employees and students assistance with software troubleshooting.

Need to purchase software? Interested in exploring a potential purchase? NCU centralizes software procurement through IT. Use this service to request IT to either research or quote a software purchase.

The Software Center is a Windows App Store personalized with various NCU apps that allow you to install them onto your NCU issues machine without the need for an administrator password. This article will detail the process of being able to install available applications on your own accord.

JAMF Pro Self Service is available on North Central-owned Apple devices. JAMF Pro Self Service can be used to install new software which the university owns and is licensed to distribute on campus. A helpful analogy is to think of Self Service as North Central's version of the Apple App Store.

The IT service desk centrally manages NCU-owned machines. Part of this process is the deployment of a specially configured operating system and software suite.

Firewalls protect the university network. Sometimes, firewall and routing configuration changes are needed to allow certain services/software to work properly. Use this service to request changes to these systems.

iAttended is an mobile app that is used by the university to track chapel attendance and to view livestreams of the university's chapel services. uAttended is the administrator/management view of the iAttended app.

RamBot is the official chatbot of university IT. It can answer your common technical questions, as well as, give some basic campus related information. RamBot is a learning chatbot, so the more it is used, the smarter it becomes. If it doesn’t know the answer now, there’s a good chance it will down the road. Click chat icon in the bottom right hand corner at to try out RamBot.

Classrooms and labs.

The IT Service Desk is a part of Information Technology. We are located on the second floor of Miller Hall, room 226.  The service desk offers a full-service center that will address the technology support needs of all North Central employees and students in one convenient location.

IT prioritizes keeping your information secure. IT works hard to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and to prevent information from being compromised. You can benefit from consulting with our office by obtaining the necessary tools and information to keep you, your information, and your computer safe.