Software Installation & Packaging

Request assistance with installing software on a device or help with researching software for North Central-owned device(s). Administrator access is required to install software on all devices. All software installations must be approved by Information Technology (this does not apply to pre-approved software installations through JAMF Pro Self-Service).

Software Installation

IT will assist with the installation of software for university-owned devices, learning spaces, labs, and conference rooms. All software installations must be vetted and approved by Information Technology.

  • In computer labs and classrooms, we need a 30-day notice to research, install, and test the software install. 
  • In conference rooms, we need a 15-day notice to research, install, and test the software install. 

If the software must be purchased, then you must complete a Software Purchasing and Licensing request.

Software Packaging

Do you have a license for software that needs to be installed on several computers? Through our Software Packaging service, we work with you to determine the best method to install software on multiple computers.


NCU IT will make a best effort to answer your questions concerning the functionality of software programs. We can answer many questions on commonly used software applications. However, we do not have the depth to provide expertise on all software applications. For specialized software, enrolled students should seek assistance from the faculty member teaching the course.


North Central University aims to maintain compliance with software licensing agreements and to prohibit the installation of unlicensed software on campus-owned computers. Only Information Technology staff may install software for which a license was purchased by the college specifically for the computer on which the software is to be installed. Please be aware that any previously installed software for which an appropriate license cannot be verified is subject to removal from all university-owned devices.


Faculty and staff can request this service.

Requesting a software installs/changes

To request the installation of software, click Request Service on this service page.

  1. The request will be reviewed and evaluated by IT staff.
    • At this stage, you may be contacted by IT staff for further information or to clarify the request.
    • If the request requires the purchase of software, IT will procure a quote and distribute it for review and approval.
  2. Once your request has been reviewed and verified, IT will test the proposed software/changes.
  3. After testing, the software/change will be delivered to the computers in the request.
Request Service


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