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Any appeals regarding class attendance must be made to the Registrar’s Office within one week of notification of withdrawal and should include all required documentation at the time of submission. Appeal forms submitted on the last day of class will not be considered as this does not allow the Academic Progress Committee time to review the request prior to finals week. Students must continue to attend class and submit all required work until the committee has issued a determination.


Class attendance is necessary for the ongoing process of education in the student’s life. For Financial Aid purposes, attendance in a course will be established during the first two weeks of the semester. Any student who has not attended class during that time will be administratively dropped from that class.

There are no excused absences for any purpose. Absences will not be questioned nor will they affect the earned grade as long as they are not excessive. “Excessive absence” from a class means that a student has missed approximately 25 percent of the class period and, therefore, will be dropped from the class. Should the last date of attendance occur during the first 9 calendar weeks of the term, a grade of “W” will be placed on the student’s transcript, meaning that the student forfeits any grade or earned credit for the course. Should the last date of attendance occur after the beginning 10th calendar week of the semester, a grade of “WF” will be assigned, meaning that the earned credit will affect the student’s cumulative GPA. Being late for class on three occasions is equivalent to one absence.

100 and 200 level courses

Class Meets Credit Value Absences Allowed
MTTHF 4 15
M, TH 3-4 6
M, TH 2 4
M, TH 3-4 6
TM, TH 2 4
1x/Week* 3 3
1x/Week* 1 2

*A class that meets only once per week could be a Wednesday, Evening or Slot period.


300, 400, and graduate-level courses

Instructors shall have the right to set any policy they choose, as long as it is not more stringent than allowing one classroom hour of absence for each credit.


The North Central athletics program is designed to protect and enhance the educational and physical well-being of student-athletes. The athletics program will seek to establish and maintain an environment in which athletics activities are conducted as an integral part of the student-athlete's educational experience and in which coaches play a significant role as educators. Student-athletes do have to miss class from time to time for athletic contests. Student-athletics will be given the opportunity to make up any class work, quizzes, or tests that are missed due to an athletic event. Also, students who exceed the accepted number of class absences due to athletic events will be given an exception to the class absences policy. If a student-athlete exceeds the number of class absences by skipping class for reasons other than an athletic event, the class policy will still be enforced.  If extenuating circumstances occur (i.e. sickness, death in the family) a student-athlete may petition the Academic Dean. Athletics events are defined as games/meets and the travel needed to attend those games or meets. Student-athlete absences for practices or optional athletics programming will not be considered an athletic event. 

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