Teaching Assistants (TAship)

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To promote interest in post-secondary academic teaching ministry, select students who demonstrate excellence within the college academic environment are provided the opportunity for involvement as a teaching assistant under the following guidelines:

  1. ith the approval of the department director, students in good academic standing (2.0 cum GPA) with at least 60 credits (HG) toward graduation may have the option of registering for a course as a Teaching Assistant.  PSEO students may be a TA for 0 credit, but a 3.0 cum GPA is required. 
  2. Students may take GS-460 as a Teaching Assistant as often as they would like.  This 0 credit course is graded on a Pass/Fail basis. 
  3. Students may petition to register as a Teaching Assistant for a maximum of 1-2 credits (GS-461) once during their time at NCU.  The course and credits enrolled must meet a General Elective degree requirement, however. Students will pay tuition for those credits, and earn a letter grade.  Education majors may take a TAship for credit twice so long as it meets a General Elective degree requirement. The number of credits earned will be limited by the number of outstanding General Elective credits. 
  4. Any credits earned will be applied only toward General Electives.  These credits may not be used to meet a degree requirement in either the General Education or the Major Core.
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