Lab Assistant

To promote interest in post-secondary academic teaching and continue to provide practice of laboratory and technical skills, select students who demonstrate excellence within the college laboratory environment are provided the opportunity for involvement as a Lab Assistant (LA) under the following guidelines:

  • With the approval of the Dean, exceptional students in good academic standing with at least 60 credits towards graduation (HR) may have the option for registering for a course as a Lab Assistant (LA).
  • Students must receive approval and complete registration and FERPA training for GS470 or GS471 prior to the deadline to add classes each term. Course reinstatements will not be used to allow for late registration.
  • Students have the option to register as a Lab Assistant for 0 credit or to register as a Lab Assistant for 1-2 credits and receive a final grade of Pass/Fail.
  • Lab Assistant positions (GS71) for elective credit(s) can only be taken once. Positions for 0 credits (GS470) can be repeated.
  • All credits will be applied toward General Electives. These credits may not be used to meet a degree requirement in either the General Education Core or the Major Core.
  • Students registering as a Lab Assistant must complete FERPA training and Lab Safety Training (GS225) provided by the School of Science & Math prior to enrollment. Students will not be enrolled or allowed access to student data without FERPA training.
  • Tutors will not have access to student information, so this application is not required. FERPA training is not mandatory for tutors.
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