How To: Install Software with Software Center

The Software Center is a Windows App Store personalized with various NCU apps that allow you to install them onto your NCU issued machine without the need for an administrator password. This article will detail the process of being able to install available applications on your own accord.

Installing an Application

Installing an Application from the Software Center is as easy as opening the app, selecting the software, and selecting install. 

1. Click on the Start Menu

2. Search Software Center.

3. Open the application that appears. 

4. On the Available Software tab, select or check the software you would like to install. 

5. Click the Install button located in the bottom-right corner of the application. 

Once that button is selected, the application will begin to install in the background. You can check the status of it by selecting the Installation Status tab. You can also see already installed software on your machine by selecting the Installed Software tab or adjust any automatic installations within the Options tab. 

Requesting Software

Any requested software will need to be processed by the Information Technology team, then implemented into Software Center. If you would like to request software, please fill out a form

Requesting Assistance

If you require assistance with Software Center, would like to request software or have any questions, please fill out the software form

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