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Adding Items to the Start Menu

The Windows start menu is highly customizable and is a place where you can pin your favorite programs and features.

Getting to Know Windows 10

Learn more about Windows 10.

How do I take a screenshot on my Windows device?

Learn how to take various types of screenshots on your macOS device. Screenshots can often assist the IT Service Desk in troubleshooting user issues.

How to change the default app associated with a specific file type

Sometimes, you may want to change the default application that Windows uses to open a specific filetype. This article explains how to change the default application that Windows 10 launches when you open a file.

I'm getting a 'trust relationship' error when I login to my computer. What should I do?

The "trust relationship" error means that your workstation is having trouble communicating with the network domain controller.

Signing out in Windows 10

Sign out of Windows 10 through the Start menu.