Remember to Sign Out! Sometimes Closing Your Browser is Not Enough


To ensure that employee and student Login credentials are protected and access to North Central data is appropriate, Information Technology reminds all users to log off their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and shared desktops instead of just exiting an application when finished with it.

Why should I log off my device or shared computer?

North Central utilizes a “single sign-on” system for identity authentication which means that employees and students now only need to enter their credentials one time to access multiple applications.

Some applications will store credentials, meaning you can log in again without providing your username and password a second time. And when you click “remember my password,” the browser will do so. This can be a source of concern for shared devices.

While you may think you have logged out of a particular application, your identity may still be established and available for other applications to use. Computer systems have no way to determine your intent. While you may have intended to log out of a certain application, the system cannot know whether you also intended to log out of the other applications.

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Single sign-on (SSO) allows user to log in once in order to gain access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of those systems. The University is using a product called SAML to provide this SSO functionality.