Emails from the IT Service Site


There are several reasons why you may receive an email from the IT service site (TeamDynamix).

How do I know when an email is from the IT self service site?

Emails from the IT self service site will be sent from:

  • (primary)

These are all valid email accounts for this system.

A footer is included at the end of a notification message to indicate the message is from NCU. Footer text:

Information Technology will NEVER ask for your Social Security number, credit card information or NCU login credentials by email. If you’ve used your credentials to log into a NCU system on a shared device or work station, LOG OFF when you’re done so your personal information stays safe. 

What if I'm not receiving emails from the IT service site?

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, check your Clutter folder. Emails from the IT service site may be mistakenly filtered as low priority mail. In Outlook, check your blocked sender list to see if you inadvertently blocked or marked these emails as spam.

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