How To: Approve or Reject an Approval Request


The IT service site uses automated workflows to make sure the right people get the information they need to process requests. Some workflows have steps that require approval before we can continue work on the ticket. These approval steps are sometimes sent to supervisors and other NCU contacts outside of IT staff.

For example, a technician may ask someone to approve changes or review an access request. When approval is needed from you, you will receive an email. You can also see a list of all of your pending approvals on the IT service site.

How do I approve or reject an approval request?

  1. Open the email sent from TeamDynamix with the subject Approval Request on [ticket classification] [ticket #] for [(name of workflow step)].
  2. Scroll through the email and click the Approve or Reject this Request link.
  3. You will be directed to the IT service site. Read the Description and then click the Approve or Reject button. 
  • Note: If you'd like to see more ticket information, click the ticket's title at the top of the page next to the ticket number.
  1. Add a comment, if needed, and click Save to submit your approval or rejection.

How do I view all of my approvals?

If the approval email gets lost in your inbox or if you would like to view all of the items waiting for your approval, you can view a list of your pending approvals on the IT service site.

  1. Go to IT service site (this site) and sign in with your NCU credentials.
  2. Click Services.

  1. Click My Approvals.

  1. To approve an item, click the link in the Step column.

By default, the My Approvals page will show you the pending approvals for you or your group. You can adjust the Status to show items you've rejected or approved. If you are a technician, you can uncheck Include Group Assignments to exclude items that are pending approval from your group.

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