Services (11)

General Payroll Request

Please use this service request to communicate any issues with payroll whether it is a past payroll or a future payroll. This would include items like incorrect deductions, pay changes, extra pay requests, etc. If you are sending a pay change for an employee, please attach your fully approved payroll status change form.

Request for Personnel

This form is used for submitting personnel requests.

Parental Leave Request Form

The university provides paid parental leave for eligible employees related to the birth, adoption, or gestational surrogacy of children under the age of 18. Use this form to request leave or to contact HR for more information.

Personnel Proposal Submission Form

This form is used for submitting personnel proposals. Please provide as many details as possible about the proposal.

Payroll Status Change Form

Please use this form to process any change in an employee’s status, cost number, title, or pay. This form should not be used for Student Employees, please use the “Student Hire/Payroll Form

Student Hire/Payroll Form

Use this form to submit request/changes related to student employees.

403b Contribution Form

Use to form to request a change in your 403b contribution.

Employee Tuition Discount Application

Employees must complete an Employee Tuition Discount Application with supervisor approval each semester in order to receive the benefit.

Application Deadlines for Employees:

-Fall Semester – July 1
-Spring Semester – November 15
-Summer Semester – March 15

Employee Dependent Tuition Discount Application

Applications for Dependents are required by July 1 for the entire academic year. (New applications for a dependent discount that is submitted after July 1 for spring or summer will follow the deadlines listed below.)

-Fall Semester – July 1
-Spring Semester – November 15
-Summer Semester – March 15

A separate application must be completed for each dependent utilizing the benefit.