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Use this form to change your major or minor.

Report an issue or submit an FM maintenance request!

This form is to be submitted by faculty member.

Use this petition to request any exception to policy not already covered by a more specific form.

Please use this form to process any change in an employee’s status, cost number, title, or pay. This form should not be used for Student Employees, please use the “Student Hire/Payroll Form

This form is to be submitted by faculty member.

Use this form to Add or Drop a class after the first day of the term.

To promote interest in post-secondary academic teaching ministry, select students who demonstrate excellence within the college academic environment are provided the opportunity for involvement as a Teaching Assistant.

Use this form if you want to petition being dropped from a class due to excessive absences.

This form is to be submitted by a faculty member when a student has exceeded skips in a class.

Use this form if you want a specific course from your transcript re-evaluated or if you want to know if a course taken at another college would transfer to NCU.

Use this form to submit request/changes related to student employees.

Use this form to request permission changes, access requests, report requests, or dataset requests for Informer.

Please enter the course code that you wish to take that will put you over 18 credits (BUS-161).

The Housekeeping Department provides custodial and janitorial services for the university. These services include tasks such as general cleaning, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, disinfection, and trash/recycling removal.

Please use this service request to communicate any issues with payroll whether it is a past payroll or a future payroll. This would include items like incorrect deductions, pay changes, extra pay requests, etc. If you are sending a pay change for an employee, please attach your fully approved payroll status change form.

Use this service to request a university account. Typically, this includes faculty, adjuncts, staff, student workers, staff partners, vendor employees, and other types of accounts.This form MUST be submitted by someone at the director level or above.

Request a Colleague or Salesforce access for an employee.

Change an employees Colleague or Salesforce permissions: security persona assignment, Self-Service access, and budget line access.

Faculty submission only.

This form can only be submitted by a faculty member.

Skyline (skyline.northcentral.edu) is the university's user experience portal.  Skyline functions as the central hub to access university news and services.

North Central University offers wired and wireless connectivity to employees, students, and guests. If you have issues, please report issues via this service request.